All TRA meetings are held in the Rose Lipman Building and begin at 7.30pm. They typically end between 9 and 9.30pm.
Click here for a map to find the Rose Lipman.

The minutes of previous meetings can be found here.

Meetings for 2015/16 (all beginning at 7.30pm):
11th May 2015: Committee Meeting
8th June 2015: Enhanced Meeting
13th July 2015: Committee Meeting
10th August 2015: Committee Meeting
7th September 2015: Enhanced Meeting
12th October 2015: Committee Meeting
9th November 2015: Committee Meeting
14th December 2015: Enhanced Meeting
11th January 2016: Committee Meeting
8th February 2016: Committee Meeting
14th March 2016: Enhanced Meeting

Meeting dates for 2014/15 were:
7th April 2014: Annual General Meeting

14th April 2014: Committee Meeting
12th May 2014: Committee Meeting
9th June 2014: Enhanced Meeting
14th July 2014: Committee Meeting
11th August 2014: Committee Meeting
1st September 2014: Enhanced Meeting
13th October 2014: Committee Meeting
10th November 2014: Committee Meeting
8th December 2014: Enhanced Meeting
12th January 2015: Committee Meeting
9th February 2015: Committee Meeting
9th March 2015: Enhanced Meeting

3 responses to “Meetings

  1. Hi are the minutes from all previous meetings going to be posted here.

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