The “184” Programme

This programme, commonly known as “the 184 planned walk about programme”, has been in place now for several years.

It deals with “non urgent planned communal repairs and minor improvement works on estates identified and prioritised by residents”. It is not intended to deal with emergency or urgent repairs, which should be reported straight away to the Hackney Homes repairs service. Works that are considered to present a Health and Safety risk come under this heading.

An inspection takes place at the start of each year between April and July. Representative residents identify works/ issues for resolution and officers prepare proposals and cost estimates. Anyone living on the estate can attend the inspection to discuss possible works.

The TRA will then assess and prioritise works proposals for the financial year. Available budgets will be made known as soon as possible to enable forward planning. Works requested in previous years but not completed can be rolled forward and undertaken early in the year.

The aim of this planned works programme is to improve the communal environment on our estates, promote the “good place to live theme” and to assist in reducing crime and the fear of crime.

The Procedure

Following the completion of the neighbourhood walkabout, the Property Services officers will be responsible for providing a description of works agreed on each estate which will include an estimated cost. A detailed spreadsheet of locations/works description and budget estimates will then be presented to the next available Neighbourhood Panel for approval. Works may total more than the available budget: Property Services officers will present proposals that are achievable within the budget with reserve lists. Removed works will be held on a reserve list for inclusion in subsequent years or recommended for future planned works programmes. Neighbourhood Panels can consider and change if they want to.

Lists of proposed works will be provided to be placed on notice boards allowing a further opportunity for residents to comment. This will be undertaken by the TRAs where they exist and Estate Managers elsewhere.

Works Programmes will only be implemented following Panel approval – the only exception to this approval process would be if officers deemed works as essential or if Panels delay approval impacting on budget spends.

Following Panel approval, the works programme must be checked for any works that require notification to leaseholders. Where necessary, Section 20 notices will be issued before any works orders are issued.

The lead officer will ensure that regular progress reports will be provided to each Neighbourhood Panel meetings.

Works that would/could be considered appropriate:
• Road tarmac repair, up to 50 sq.m
• Footpath repair, up to 40 sq.m
• Upgrading external wall lighting units
• Upgrading of stairwell and balcony lights
• Re-painting fencing
• Replacement of boundary fencing
• Installation of new security fencing
• Installation of steel bollards (black)
• Replacement of damaged concrete bollards with steel bollards
• Boundary wall brickwork repairs
• Demolition of brick built bin chambers
• The provision of decorative bin enclosures and bulky waste areas
• Installation of anti-vandal security glazing within communal areas
• Installation of decorative steel panels as a replacement for glazed communal area windows
• Re-painting of garage doors
• Replacement of garage doors and frames
• Guttering and rainwater pipe repairs/renewal
• Redecoration of staircases
• Redecoration on specific areas of communal balconies
• Redecoration of communal entrance doors/canopy
• Redecoration of external bin chamber doors
• Redecoration of internal communal doors
• Reglazing balcony panels
• Apply parking restrictions, double/yellow lining
• Marking out and numbering of parking bays
• Installing new Marley H/D floor covering to communal area walkways
• Replacement of damaged wall tiles in communal areas
• Installation of Gerda barrier gates
• General guttering repairs and maintenance on low rise blocks, maximum 3 floors
• Installation of speed ramps on estate roads
• Small landscaping projects up to a value of £10k.

The above work type should be considered a broad selection of works that can be undertaken using the Planned Communal area budget.

Works that should not be considered:
• Installing new or repairing CCTV equipment
• Installing new or repairing Playground equipment
• Installing new or repairing controlled door entry systems
• Large estate road resurface schemes
• Large estate footpath renewal schemes
• Major roof repairs

The above lists are not exhaustive. A flexible and commonsense approach will be be applied.