Bike Lockers

Do you or other family members ride a bike?

Want a practical and affordable solution to storing your cycling equipment?

The de Beauvoir Estate TRA are looking at ways to support cycling in our community because it’s good for your health, kinder to the environment and most of all a very convenient way to get about. The TRA are looking at various solutions for residents who want lockers for their bicycles. 1 of these include the ‘Bike Hangar’ (see below). It is currently unclear how many resident would like a solution like this so if you or a family member cycle or want to start cycling get in touch, tell us what you think. The more feedback we get the clearer we are on what people want and how to proceed.


In the meantime there are some bicycle storage facilities already available on the estate. These are single lockers managed by a company called Bikeaway. If you wish to apply for 1 of these you will need to contact them directly either through their website, phone or email:          01752 202116

image00 image02 image03

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